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Terms and Conditions (3.20)




(I.) General:


By connecting to, and using this site (http://www.neat-brandon.com) you are legally and lawfully 18 years of age or older, or whatever age of legal adulthood in your respective country or territory, to view, download, interpret, read, and form opinions on the content of neat-brandon.com.  Neat-brandon.com and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any negative or unwarranted events which may or may not occur after visiting our website, you admit to reading and agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Condition of Use:


(II.) Copyright:


All works on neat-brandon.com are copyrighted to the artist (unless otherwise stated).  Works, are any and all content on https://www.neat-brandon.com (words, images, sounds, and their hypertext mark-up renderings).

You may not claim ownership of anything on this site.  The original artistic expression of these works is the sole ownership of the artist and may not by copied, scanned, edited, or interpreted in another form, without written permission of the original artist. 

   (II.a) NSFW

Some artwork contains adult themes or nudity and may be NSFW (Not Safe for Work).  You understand this possibility and neat-brandon.com and it's affiliates wave all responsibility for said content.  You agree to these terms and absolve all claims.  By connecting to and using neat-brandon.com you are agreeing to 

(III.) Data:


Neat-brandon.com does not save or store your data, unless you have (1)purchased from our store, (2) joined our member section, (3)joined our tbd mailing-list, or (4) filled out a contact form on our Service Page. You understand when purchasing, joining the member section, or email list, or submitting your data in our contact form is completely voluntary and you assume all responsibility for any events which occur after submitting your data.  We use third-party services for transaction, data management, and customer satisfaction.  Neat-brandon.com and its affiliates are not responsible for any events, unwanted, or otherwise, which may or may not occur from visiting our site.


(IV.) Purchasing:


All works are to be in good condition upon shipping and not damaged.  If damaged, you will receive a full refund of your purchase upon the return of damaged product. Neat-brandon.com is not responsible for damage due to shipping.  Neat-brandon.com does insure all packages for shipment. You must inform neat-brandon.com in writing within 24 hours of receiving a damaged or lost product.  Once informed, neat-brandon.com will begin the reimbursement process, which could take up to 30 days.  If neat-brandon.com has not received notification of product issues within 24 hours, the shipment stands and no returns will be available.  Neat-brandon.com and it’s affiliates, reserve the right to refuse purchase with or without cause.


(V.) Services:


Services including but not limited to: commissioned art work, be it digital, physical, or intellectual, idea, musical, or otherwise, are all agreed to via private contract.  For all requests and enquiries, see the Service Page

(VI.) Condition of Terms

neat-brandon.com reserves the right to change the conditions of these terms and agreements without notification. 



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